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Ron and Cindy Bernard have been married for over forty years, and they have four children and five grandchildren (so far).  Ron graduated from Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, in 1969 with a B.A. in Religion and Humanities and with minors in Greek and English Lit.  He worked on his Masters in English Literature at the University of Houston with the intention of becoming a college professor, but instead of pursuing that vocation, he followed the call upon his life to be a minister of the Gospel.  Ron entered full-time ministry in September of 1974, and he has served once as an Assistant Pastor, twice as an Associate Pastor, once as a Missions Pastor, and twice as the Senior Pastor in three different churches.  He has made numerous ministry trips to other countries, spoken in many churches of various sizes both in the U.S. and in other nations, and preached in both small gatherings and in conferences with as many as 1000 or more in attendance.  He is now Missions Director at Life Church in Bayfield, Colorado, where he and Cindy make their home.  Life Church serves as his base of operation as he travels in ministry, both in the U.S. and abroad, ministering in churches and conferences and strengthening the leadership teams where he goes.  He is also part of the U.S. national oversight team for International Christian Leadership Connections.  He sees himself as an encourager, especially of leaders.  He is the author of The Jefe Factor:  Exposing the Jefe and Revealing the Leader in Each of Us.



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